Wow, how time flies. It seems like just yesterday that Gamut gallery was a brand-spanking new art space burning up the Twincy small gallery scene. Four years and a new location later, Gamut celebrates their birthday with a 3-part party that will have all the fun energy of those early shows, and likely more. In addition to being the closing reception for our current exhibit of mixed media and photography, Ineffable, there’s also going to be an installment of Genrebeast’s genre-rejecting live music showcase with cinematic electronica group DEATHDANCE releasing a CD, and then the night continues on with rap act RP Hooks, deep house and techno from Berndt and Ryote of Kajunga Records, and grunge-folk from Half Tramp. Saturday, 7 PM. $8 admission, $13 admission + album. —Josh Stahssen

Gamut Gallery, 1006 Marquette Ave S, MPLS;