When you strip away sumptuous sets, lighting, and PR campaigns, at the heart of any theater company there is a group of people who just want to entertain. Der Vorfuhreffekt Theatre is just that—seriously, the little equipment they bring to stage their play can be packed up in the trunk of a car (yet to be determined whether it has clown-cramming capabilities). It’s a simplistic set-up for the elaborate plotline of “The 7 Person Chair Pyramid High Wire Act,” following the great Charles Darwin as he tracks the elusive Yeti (who himself is in search of his inner disco queen in order to win a radio dance contest) to Siberia, along with a bat for a sidekick who falls in love with an electromagnetic wave, who meanwhile stumble upon Siberia’s secret ropemaking tribe fighting to keep their discipline alive. Yes, it sounds convoluted here, and no doubt will prove to be on stage, but regardless of commercial popularity, play Der Vorfuhreffekt have unregulated passion for their craft. E-mail ahead for tickets (get7persontickets@gmail.com) and surrender to the sublime. 8 p.m. $10. —EK

In the Heart of the Beast Theatre, 1500 E. Lake St., 612-721-2535, hobt.org