A dance party that doesn’t make you feel as if you are back in middle school is a gem to find. Which is why we’re welcoming the return of BOMP at a mainstay location with open arms and dance-ready hearts. A group of Twin Cities DJs initiated the dance party in 2010 at the Bedlam Theatre on the West Bank before the venue closed its doors. After stints at the (now closed) Nick & Eddie and venues such as First Ave. and the Cedar, BOMP has settled into a new location: Ground Zero. Known for its crazy sound system, huge dance floor, disco lights, multiple bars, and multiple levels, this tucked-away club is perfect for an epic dance party. RSVP for a discounted entrance price and celebrate BOMP’s new location with DJ performances from Plain Ole Bill, Jimmy2Times, Shannon Blowtorch, Jonathan Ackerman, Wzz Wnshp, and Slamdunkapher. 10 p.m. $5 with reservation, $10 without. —RO

Ground Zero, 15 NE 4th St., Mpls., 612-378-5115, Ground Zero’s Facebook page