2018 kinda felt like the year o’ the collaboration (well, among breweries, anyway), and 2019 is picking up right where we left off: Winterfest brings together 100-odd breweries and over 20 eateries for an elevated sip ‘n’ sup this Friday. The restaurants are each assigned to a group of breweries and challenged to make a dish complementing their beers. Attendees get unlimited servings of brew and food for three hours of noshing through the cavernous Union Depot station, while folk from Dangerous Man and First Draft lead sessions on pairing beer and food so you can get inspiration for your summer fest snacklaces. Friday, January 25th, 7-10 PM. $90 ($50 sober driver, includes all food and non-alcoholic drinks). —Isabelle Wattenberg

Union Depot, 214 4th St E, STPL; uniondepot.org