Adult Night at the MN Zoo on 420

“The Zoo is a smoke free facility, and that includes all types of smoke.” We hear you, MN Zoo. But we also see that picture of a winking goat—and that super happy bear!—you’ve been using. We can’t think of a more fun 420 party. Just behave yourselves! Friday, 4:30. $10, $18.50 ticket + beer flight.

MN Zoo, 13000 Zoo Blvd, Apple Valley;

Dankest Day of the Year

Speaking of the high holiday, Insight is going all out again, especially with their weed puns. Grab you buds for Insight’s Dankbot and some munchies, hear live music, and make sure you have a ride home planned. Friday, 4:20. Free.

Insight Brewing, 2821 E Hennepin Ave, MPLS;

Dank beer day is really becoming a thing, and that’s great. Other dank parties include Inbound Brewing‘s 2nd Birthday and “bake sale”, East Lake Brewing‘s Dankness Day party, and the very exciting Craft That Cares NORML party at 12welve Eyes Brewing.

420 Party!!!

In true Marijuana Day fashion, the wrestlemaniacs at Bar Luchador just barely got their 4/20 party put together in time. But it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish, and thanks to some herbal assistance and all of the “Chef Driven Stoner Food”, secret menu, fun cocktails and more, it’s going to be a really fun party. Friday, “starts at 4:30-ish”. Free.

Bar Luchador, 825 Washington Ave, MPLS;