When the all-star comedy showcase F*ck 2018 was announced we felt seen—we’ve been griping all year long, so much so that we even forgot what we’ve been griping about. A lot of things, really. But luckily PSSY CTRL host and Funniest Person with a Day Job winner, deadly dead pan comic Rana May brings us a so-brutal-you-have-to-laugh recap with a bunch of other incredibly funny folks (we can’t get enough of Ellie Hino and Carly Wicks, the whole lineup is full of killers) and band Beach Party. Lots of other comedy fans felt seen, too—so much so that there there’s two full shows and we expect them to fill up. Friday, December 28th, 7 PM & 9:30 PM.Peter Armenian

Turf Club, 1601 University Ave W, STPL; turfclub.net

For real, we love this show. We want you to go! Just reply that you’re interested for a chance to win tickets.