That stash of VHS tapes lying around your parents’ basement? Don’t throw it out yet. Aside from the occasional nostalgia-induced viewing of Sandlot in its original format, the avid collectors behind the Found Footage Festival would love to see the gems you might be sitting on. After sifting through 10 years’ worth of garage sale VHS scores, the Nick and Joe decided to share the best of their “found footage” with the world—literally, the co-founders have taken their traveling clip show around the United States and abroad (apparently the ’90s were regrettable overseas as well) to hilarious result.

FFF stops in Minneapolis tonight for a 90-minute “Best Of” show, choosing clips found exclusively in the Midwest, a hotbed of VHS gold. They’ve been on Letterman, Colbert, and written for The Onion, so you know you’ll be laughing at whatever they come up with. Join in for beers at Stanley’s afterwards, and feel free to bring some old tapes of your own for consideration. Your moment of fame on the local public access channel could make it big. 8 p.m. $12. –EK

Heights Theater, 3951 Central Ave. NE, Mpls.,