Take a good look at that pic for a minute. That’s a film you want to see. October is more for creature features or fright nights than over-the-top sci-fi flicks, but certain film screenings require mentioning regardless of season. Zardoz, shown tonight by Film 4M at the Black Forest Inn, is such a film. You can already see from the pic of half-naked Sean Connery, fresh off his stint as James Bond btw, that the movie is something special. We don’t want to give anything away, but there’s a dystopic future, an artificial intelligence that grants immortality, Eternals, the Vortex, and a giant floating head sculpture named Zardoz! Also there’s free popcorn! 8 PM. Free.—Curt Stanski

Black Forest Inn, 1 E 26th St, MPLS, blackforestinnmpls.com