Whoa, ok. Some of you are going to love this. Tonight Cinema 4M is doing a double feature of two great companion pieces—sort of. First, Mondo Cane (1962), aka A Dog’s World, created a stir with its barrage of shocking “documentary” scenes (some of which were staged) that showed graphic and scintillating footage of dogs being killed for meat, Tokyo men visiting brothels, mutated animals on the Bikini Atoll, even Yves Klein painting with nude models. The video spawned many other films with “mondo” in the title, including Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video (1979), by Saturday Night Live writer and comedian Michael O’Donoghue. Again, there’s no plot, but Mr. Mike’s features a litany of stupid stunts from SNL’s early stars and guest, from Dan Aykroyd, Jane Curtin, and Bill Murray to Carrie Fisher and Margot Kidder. The skits, originally planned for TV, even include the first appearances of Mr. Bill. It’s going to be a very interesting cinematic eventing. Also, in-between the one-two punches of the Mondos, Black Forest will be hosting an intermission in the banquet room. 7 PM. Free.—Tracy “Mondo” Oxford

Black Forest Inn, 1 E 26th St, MPLS, blackforestinnmpls.com