It’s just your typical band. Renée Bracchi on drums, Katy Thomasberg on vocals, Drew Miller on bass guitar, and then for a little something different, Steve Clarke on saxophones and David Stenshoel on violin. But who’s on bouzoukis and cittern? Our question too. Don’t worry, Scott Nieman has it covered. All together, they’ve done punk, Celtic, dub reggae, swing, Persian, and we’ll just call the rest indie. Felonious starts in rock but where they go from there changes from song to song. One is a meandering Middle Eastern instrumental with a funky bass line, the next might be more familiar on a Tori Amos album. With a Facebook page whose listed influences are teasingly diverse, this group blends punk with medieval Spanish influences. In case you didn’t know what a cittern is, yeah, it’s a Renaissance era, lightweight jam instrument enjoyed by all classes. And bouzoukis are those Greek stringed lute-like things that make that classic Greek twang.

When Tracy Jordan of 30 Rock tries to produce a Grammy-winning hit by combining all the world’s most popular musical styles, he fails. Miserably. When Felonious Bosch swallowed the globe, they succeeded and created something truly original. Better luck next time, Tracy. 7 p.m. $5 suggested donation. —LB

Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar, 308 Prince St., St. Paul, 651-228-9274,