Did you read about how, after New York City’s decades-long graffiti clean-up campaign for subway cars, trains are now wrapped in paid-for advertisements for a new cable TV competition show making . . . street art? Incredible stuff. Maybe twenty years from now in Powderhorn Park there will be a Wells Fargo Presents The Art Sled Rally, but we really, really doubt it. The rally, put on by a coalition of neighborhood art groups and businesses, invites all people with any artistic mojo and a need for speed to build their own elaborate and creative “sled” to fly in parade style down the West slop of the park. Some people put an incredible amount of effort into their complicated sleds (only to see the pieces peel apart as they go down the bank) and the community vibes are great. Also, the organizers have been adamant that the event goes on even without snow. Saturday, 2-4 PM. —Cajun

Powderhorn Park, MPLS