While the pre-Thanksgiving ritual of reconnecting with friends and family over drinks has been a time-honored tradition, this year’s options for parties really up the fun factor. Here are some of our picks for places to dance and drink before tomorrow’s Turkey Day.

Turkey Bowling—which is literally rolling a big frozen turkey down a patio—returns to Muddy Waters over at LynLake with help from Summit Brewing and funds going to Oasis Youth Shelter. Psycho Suzi’s hosts a raging kegger for those of you who maybe haven’t been to one in 5-20 years. They’ll have a rum whop, a Ventures cover band, and all-you-can drink Fulton Standard Lager, somehow only for $20. E.L.n.O. are back in action to give thanks to Jeff Lynne at Lee’s Liquor Lounge. If you need to take your bootie-movin’ to the next level, DJ Fundo, DJ Shannon Blowtorch, Ander Other, and Rowsheen will be taking over the Uptown VFW. DJ Jake Rudh finally accomplishes his dream of playing Mill City Nights with his new wave/post-punk dance night Transmission, but just right before it closes. If you’re only into ’90s music, your best bet will be the 90s Preservation Society at Clubhouse Jäger. Get a safe ride home—and don’t go home with your ex’s.