When we got the info that DOYLE—featuring Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, the legendary guitarist for The Misfits taught to play by Danzig—would be making a stop at the small stage at Whiskey Junction, we actually replied with “is this real”? Turns out that it is, and that Doyle and crew will be splitting off from the GWAR tour (which is at First Ave tonight) and giving maniac fans a can’t-miss chance to see his intense stage show and hear songs from his new sophomore album, As We Die. Motograter and Die Ghost open, with the latter doing their last ever show. And if you’re an extra big Misfits fans, there’s still even tickets (only $65!) for the meet-and-great that happens after the show. 6:30 PM. $15 general.Paul Cajun

Whiskey Junction, 901 Cedar Ave S, MPLS; thewhiskeyjunction.com