Many of MPLS + STPL’s best DJs will be spinning tunes this weekend at The Nomad, and you’re going to want to go to both Friday and Saturday night events, so we’re putting them together here. First, on Friday night, DJ Keezy hosts a silent dance party—where all the music goes through individual’s headphones, not the PA—and not only will she be joined by Tiiiiiiiiiip (tip w/ ten i’s), Sophia Eris, Keith Millions (Nightchain/ Night Church), and Sarah White, two DJs will be playing at the same time and revelers can switch between sets. (Get there early enough to ensure you get a pair of the limited headphones!) Then on Saturday DJ Jake Rudh and Transmission hosts a benefit for HIAS, the world’s oldest resettlement agency, with sets from Brian Engel (Hipshaker, Hotpants, Worldwide Discotheque), Jeff Dubois of Attitude City, Mike 2600 (aka Mike Davis), and more. Shhh, Friday, 10 PM. $10. Transmission, Saturday, 8 PM. $5.King Rojas

Nomad World Pub, 501 Cedar Ave S, MPLS;