Sunday, Sept. 11 marked 10 years since the tragic day that, directly or not, sparked a decade of war, paranoia, and mass confusion. While news networks spent the weekend devoting airtime to cashing in on the sadness and nostalgia of it all, St. Paul’s College of Visual Arts was preparing its art gallery for something called ‘Deceptive Distance.’ The free exhibition delves deep into the toll that day took on our nation’s most courageous few, who to this day continue to fight, as CVA puts it, in the “far-away theaters of war.” Beginning tonight and running through October 16, ‘Deceptive Distance’ features six TC-based artists whose work focuses on September 11, 2001’s resultant geographical and emotional distance put upon “those less fortunate ones who fight or bear the impact of armed antagonism.” 173 Western Ave. N., St. Paul, 651-757-4080. For more information, visit the College of Visual Arts website.