If you haven’t seen our occasional posts about the group, Clustercuss is a five-member band that performs instrumental, improvisational music with diverse projected films as its backdrop. Clustercuss consists of multi-talented musicians and vocalists Brian Nanoff, Matthew Sandstedt, Alan Church, Evan Fox, and Charlie B. Ward. The group layers and distorts electric guitar, bass, and percussion, adding effects to create an always-unique and interactive show.

The five visit the Red Stag Supperclub for another creative performance and although details on what film(s) the group will use as its backdrop are hush-hush, we’re sure the mystery will only add to the band’s already intriguing performance. 10 p.m. Free. —RO

Red Stag Supperclub, 509 1st Ave. NE, Mpls., 612-767-7766, redstagsupperclub.com