(Ed. Note: Since you’re going to be hearing soooo much about GoT in the next few weeks, including from us, we decided to have one of our writers who doesn’t know anything about The Song of Fire and Ice do this write up.) The question is not “will you go to a Game of Thrones night?” It’s “Which of the many Game of Thrones nights will you pick?” But Game of Thrones Nights need not be relegated to mere television watching, especially for the hardcore fans. The alliance of Grown-Up Club and Bauhaus Brewing hosts a crafty quizzy party where you make your own “sigil” and answer questions with a team of…fellow wizards? Bring your beer-drinking cloak, because the winning team gets free brew. Ale? Barleywine? Whatever they drink on that show. 7 PM. Free.Erin Huntington-Cates

Bauhaus Brew Labs, 1315 Tyler St NE, MPLS; bauhausbrewlabs.com