This Friday debuts the remarkable Megolisaland, a clothing line that marries artist  Lisa Luck‘s vivid, humanoid depictions with Meg Browning’s dramatic designs. They refer to their collaboration—hopefully the first of many seasonal releasesȔas their ‘concept album,’ and the outcome is both playful and political. Lisa starts with huge drawings which are then cut up, rearranged, and printed as textile, which Meg uses to construct unisex clothing. Think spectacularly weird, bright prints on androgynous, loungy pieces—as the artists call, it, in between wear. Or don’t think about it, just go see it. Displayed in South MPLS’s Lacuna gallery, which hosts exhibits, conversations, and workspaces for emerging artists. Friday, June 22nd, 6-8 PM. —Isabelle Wattenberg

Lacuna Gallery, 3730 Chicago Avenue, Studio A, MPLS;