When we did our On Our Radar for this weekend we noticed just a bunch of really fun and exciting gallery show openings and events. We thought we’d round them all up for you in one spot so you can hop from one show to another.

Friday: The must-see multi-artist project that examines the relationship between Women and Money opens at the Katherine E. Nash gallery. Stop byMCAD to see sure-to-be-good work at their Faculty Biennial. Want at little artsy romance? It’s date night at the Minnesota Museum of American Art and their current Brick x Brick show. The Goldstein Museum of Design celebrates their 40th Anniversary with their Seeing 40/40 peek into their collection. Hometown artists show their love of Pabst Blue Ribbon in art form during the PBR Art Showcase at Gamut gallery. Monica Dickson‘s Disheveled Dames will be the final show at Stochastic Art.

Saturday: Instinct Gallery is re-opening for the very cool group show, Transplant Eyes. Rosalux gallery hosts great work from two artists, Laura Stack and Melissa Loop.