Brewers! So competitive. Always going at it! But when brewers go head to head, it’s usually the drinkers who win. At tonight’s round of the Indeed Brewing Brewer Battle Flight Night, Josh Bischoff and Patrick Nickelson have created flights that you can sample and see who deserves to advance. And they’re creative beer-fan brews, to be sure: Head Brewer Josh has a Cherry Lime Mexican Honey Imperial Lager and a Pineapple Mango Session Sour #4, and Assistant Brewer Patrick delivers a Hibisucus Mexican Honey Imperial Lager and Derailed: Baltic Porter on Vanilla Bean & Carolina Reaper Peppers. Who will win? You decide! 3-9 PM. Free to attend, beer extra. Art Humes

Indeed Brewing Tap Room, 711 15th Ave NE, MPLS;