With holiday get-togethers on the horizon, it’s time to load up on conversation topics to be sure you’re the most interesting person at the party. To get started, stop by Amsterdam Bar & Hall for a discussion that will stretch both your right and left brain hemispheres.

The Beaker & Brush series (a collaboration among the Science Museum of Minnesota, the Minnesota Museum of American Art, and Amsterdam Bar & Hall) consists of a monthly conversation about the intersection between science and art. This month’s topic is “Power: Conflict and Technology.” University of Minnesota physics professor and author Jim Kakalios takes the scientific angle and talks about the technology that powers our homes, devices, and the modern world while science journalist Maggie Koerth-Baker examines how communication conflicts prevent energy crisis policy from advancing. Enjoy a drink while you listen to the presentations and mentally take notes so you’ll be ready the next time you’re stuck in an awkward “So how about this weather?” conversation. 6:30 p.m. Free. —RO

Amsterdam Bar & Hall, 6 W. 6th St., St. Paul, 651-222-3990, amsterdambarandhall.com