We like Indeed Brewing’s beer alright, but they are just killing it with their events right now. To follow up on that Hard Ticket to Hawaii showing at the Uptown Theater, they’re hosting a “Barrel-Aged Basement” night in one of our favorite spots, the Clown Lounge downstairs at the Turf Club, and also releasing their new seasonal Let It Ride. And not only that, rock solid kick as rockers Narco States and Flasher play while you can also order a flight combo of some of Indeed’s barrel-aged beers: Mexican Cousin, Rum King, Wooden Soul #1, Saison Brett, and/or Barrel Aged Be Cherry. A lot of really good stuff going on there. 5 PM. $5 cover after 7 PM. —Julietta Ganji

Turf Club, 1601 University Ave W, STPL; turfclub.net