One of the (still) cool things about Art-a-Whirl is that people do all sorts of different stuff—and the art can be really really good. Here’s a few recs for happenings that have us psyched.

Ghost Party: Caitlin Karolczak & Kate Iverson
Two big name Northeast MPLS artists team-up for a must-see juxtaposition of work at Storage Contemporary. Iverson creates bright angular pieces that are as much design pieces as paintings, Karolczak’s figurative work is dark and haunting. A can’t miss for anyone planning to see some cool art. —INFO

Who Made Who Open Studio
Amy Jo and Tooth once again open up their storefront print-making space. Their work is simple, usually one or two colors, but wonderfully designed with a personality on display and flair for the local (like this incredible sold out tribute to the old Nye’s). It’s a perfect stop to get an ‘I bought art’ sticker. —INFO

What-A-Whirl: A Mayker’s Fair
The demented minds behind the Haunted Basement have assembled a massive group show of new and pro artists showcasing their work and services; There’s everything from comics to pottery to wax products to Tarot readings and more in their East Hennepin Headquarters. —INFO

Maidens Mag at Art A’ Whirl
Nine different women post up at Twin Spirits Distilling to sell their artwork thanks to ultra-hip Maiden Magazine. The artist lineup kills, we’re especially excited to see the photo pieces by Stephanie Sunberg, but there’s also paintings and florals alongside the cocktails. —INFO

Yes, more pop-ups, please! The Arcana mason Lodge hosts several different artists who will be doing installation, sculpture, and video works—it’s a cool show and a great way to get a peek inside the lodge. —INFO