If there was any shred of doubt left that MPLS + STPL is currently living in a new golden age of music, tonight’s many excellent events dispels any disbelief. At the top of it all, a Who’s Who of the local music scene, including on-air talent and notable musicians, will fill up the Turf Club’s stage, Clown Lounge, and crowd tonight to help raise money for former local personality and big-time hometown scene supporter Jason Nagel who’s going through cancer treatment. Join everyone from John Munson and Chan Poling to Martin Devaney to Eleganza! to Niki Becker to the radio DJ hosts of the evening. Plus they’re doing a custom “Nagel” drink special, a pint of Summit and shot of Jager for $7 and $2 goes to the fund. (You don’t even have to drink the Jag shot. Trust us.) And if you can’t make tonight’s show, here’s the GoFundMe page to donate. 7 PM. $7 advance, $10 doors.Paul Cajun

Turf Club, 1601 University Ave W, STPL; turfclub.net