Sommeliers have a bad rap. Speaking a language that’s half-French, half jargon and discussing price points that are astronomically out of reach, they’re usually portrayed as snooty and paper thin, hiding behind bravado and a fancy suit. But just as peeking behind swinging kitchen doors has revealed a highly charged rock star mentality amongst chefs, Somm seeks to do the same for the maligned sommelier. Specifically, the documentary looks at four candidates hoping to pass the Master Sommelier Exam, a bear of a test that requires an encyclopedic knowledge of vineyard regions, serving traditions, food pairings—and every wine on earth, by taste alone. Watch these disciples of the bottle dedicate everything to preparing for the test, and before you do, why not test your own knowledge of vino? Tonight’s screening features a wine tasting party in the neighboring Aster Café, a chance to play Sommelier (or just drink some high-quality wine). Tasting starts at 6 p.m. $25. —EK

St. Anthony Main Theatre, 115 SE Main St., Mpls., 612-331-4724,