It was roughly a decade ago that Pert Near Sandstone first gathered around a microphone in a Minneapolis basement to record their debut album, Up And Down The River. So much has happened since then: highs and lows, personal struggles and artistic triumphs, new faces and new sounds. Through it all, Pert Near’s musical fearlessness is part of what makes the group so difficult to pin down and also such perfect stewards for string band music in the 21st century. The sweetest honey awaits those brave enough to risk being stung, and the band reaps the rewards of their musical courage here in spades. Discovery Of Honey is Pert Near Sandstone’s finest work to date, and that’s buzz you can believe in. They play a giant show at First Avenue’s Mainroom on Saturday with the Last Revel, Henhouse Prowlers, and Old Salt Union. Saturday, 7 PM. $15 advance, $18 door.

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