On Running Wild, Grieves’ fifth proper full-length, the Seattle based musician manages to balance the dueling impulses that fuel both his live shows and his previous releases: the need to cut loose and the need to vent. While previous efforts like 2011’s Together/Apart and 2014’s Winter & The Wolves might have leaned heavily in the direction of darkness—taking on subjects like addiction, heartbreak, and poverty—the new record introduces some much-needed levity to the proceedings. Tracks like “Faded” and “RX” experiment with fluttering trap beats, while songs like “What it Dew” and album-closer “5,000 Miles” offer the rich guitar tones and humming organs that one might expect on a classic soul record. Grieves makes a tour stop to party with his RSE friends and Probcause, Sean Anonymous, and others with a great show at First Avenue Mainroom on Friday, November 24, 8 PM. $25.

We had a bunch of entries to see Rhymesayer Brother Ali, so we want to give some of you hip hop fans another chance to check out RSE with up-and-coming label mate Grieves at this big show. Just reply to this email for a chance to win tickets!