The weekends go too fast, but here’s a few things we caught that we thought we’d share. Also if you have something to share, email us and we’ll send it out next week if you want. Sort of like Nextdoor but without all the missing pets. 

Bike Lane Protests

Ok, try to follow this. A joke protest of the bike lanes on 26th and 28th in MPLS started on Facebook. Then two dozen or so pro-car anti-bicycling people took it seriously and they showed up with signs, including signs that said “Nazi Lane”, which is incredibly dumb since actual Nazis are an increasing problem. But also then yesterday pro-bike lane advocates, possibly even more in number, rode in support of the lanes. Sheesh! Bike lanes!

Zombie Pub Crawl Small Shows

We mentioned last week that the annual Zombie Pub Crawl had headliners like T-Pain and Third Eye Blind, but the best part of the party turned out to be the small club shows where we caught both Neon Blaque (at Prive) and Symone Smash It (at Byte). We expect them to be really big deals in the music scene for 2018—be sure to catch them up close before that happens! Also, btw, the folks commenting that ZPC only books men performers as headliners, it’s pretty much true if you go through the last three years of posters.

Brews & Stews

Fall events are a close second to events in the dead of winter as our favorites, but food truck events are absolutely last in the rankings. While it was a beautiful Saturday morning to learn more about Rank Choice Voting by sampling stews from food trucks on Chicago Avenue for the first ever Brews & Stews, food trucks had their regular menus going as well, meaning it became—as always—a wait in line for a food truck festival. One truck, one or two food items. That’s how it has to work. The Utepils Glocal IPA made the wait a little easier, but not by much.