Since many of our readers don’t read anything except advice from Boomers on what Millenials should and shouldn’t spend their money on, we feel we should share some of the important-to-you stories being shared around the SotC virtual water cooler, so that you’re properly briefed before your happy hour.

News: Walker Art Center Executive Director Olga Viso steps down

Notes: We’re still laughing at that quote from a reader about the Merce Cunningham exhibit. Even though followers of the national art scene were maybe not surprised that Olga announced her leaving, it’s huge news in the local arts scene—we’re on a first name basis after all. It’s typical for leadership of major arts venues to move on after successful capital campaigns, and Olga just brought $75 million into the Walker for its campus and sculpture garden remodel. Did the Scaffold debacle have anything to do with it? Probably some? That, and all the departures from other curators, and the unhappy working environment for staff, and we’re sure some of slippage in local prominence, had garnered the heat from the Walker Board to ask her to leave. It’s definitely going to be interesting to see the new director’s vision for our beloved and critically important art center. 

News: More Super Bowl details emerging like Jimmy Fallon and LRT takeover

Notes: We’re hoping to finishing up our “Places Other Than Twincy Where You Should Vacation During The Super Bowl” listicle in the next month so you have some lead time before February. Look, the Super Bowl isn’t for us and it isn’t for you. It’s not for fans of the arts who go to small room shows or book readings or art openings. It’s for rich guys from around the country and suburban/out-state residents who otherwise shit talk MPLS + STPL and local business leadership to try and get prestige plus a few extra dollars. Our recommendation has always been to just to get out of the way—and that’s even before the newest offensive news about the NFL invasion. No, not that Light Rail Trains will only be available to Super Bowl ticket holders on game day and everyone else gets replacement buses. We’re actually fine with that. We’re talking about the “Night Before” show is a concert at the Xcel with Dave Matthews and that Jimmy Fallon will be bringing his Tonight Show to Twincy for tapings for some reason. Sheesh. Reader Jess makes a good point that maybe ?uest Love will do a small show, but all the venues will be too full or closed to the public so that’s no real silver lining. Have you ever been to Tulum, MX?

News: Phi Phi O’Hara and Queens United/ Reinas Unidas raised $80K for Puerto Rico

Notes: Yes! Amazing. Remember the Drag Queen fundraiser at First Avenue two or three weeks ago? It brought in big numbers for Somos Una Voz, the relief initative started by Puerto Rican performers Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.