It’s a new year! And instead of spending the last few weeks looking back, we’re spending this week looking forward into our crystal ball (emoji) at what we think 2016 holds in store for us. If you have your own predictions, reply to the email and let us know—if we look in our crystal ball and see the same ones, we’ll include yours.

There’s no shortage of really good restaurants that serve up dish upon dish delicious animal flesh, whether its seared or simply raw. But as diners get more in tune with the problems of eating animals all day, everyday—the environmental impact, the adverse health effects, the horrible factories where most meat is raised—we’re seeing more and more people eat less and less meat. And we think 2016 is the year that our very trendy, very forward looking restaurant scene responds with more meatless dishes and even potentially a multi-restaurant movement like Meatless Mondays menus (which would actually be Meatless Wednesdays, since a lot of places are closed on Mondays). Would this be happening at, say, Butcher & The Boar? Or Market Barbeque? Probably not. But we’re predicting it starts to catch on at enough spots that it becomes a trend.