Between the arts and the culture and the entertainment and food and drink and the people and the places, there’s just too much going on to keep track of, so here’s a few talking points to start off your week and get your prepped for your back-to-work happy hour.

Where: The Hook and Ladder Theater and Lounge

The space previously occupied for many, many year’s by Patrick’s Cabaret will be reopening in September as The Hook and Ladder. The already announced music is similar to the Roots, Rock, and Deep Blues festival that annually and recently took place—with Charlie Parr, Crankshaft, Eric Koskinen, and others—and it’s both a good fit for the neighborhood and still an intimate place to see a performance.

What: Revival + Bauahus Beer

We made a joke last week that while we want our own signature Glam Doll donut, we also wouldn’t mind a signature citrus IPA. And if it comes with Revival’s outrageously good chicken, like the new Bauhaus + Revial collab beer (that is a real thing!), even better.

When: October 15th, Chris Thile‘s first turn as host of A Prairie Home Companion

Alright, you Prairie Hoes, the tickets for the next generation of Wobegonians to take the helm at the Fitzgerald Theater are available. We expect these first few shows to fill up quick.

Why: Handsome Hog Happy Hour

We’re remiss in our happy hour coverage, and we were reminded about that when we saw Handsome Hog‘s Happy Hour that puts together a shot of Old Crow or Old Overholt (both rock solid whiskeys) with a High Life or pounder of PBR or Hamm’s. We know there’s a few of these beer and a bump happy hours, but we’re also surprised there aren’t more.

Who: The Dollyrots

One of our favorite pop-punk acts, The Dollyrots from Los Angeles, name drop the Triple Rock in one of their songs, so it’s no surprise that they’ve included MPLS in their only four city pre-second baby mini-tour. Singer-bassist Kelly will rip harder, even though she’s currently pregnant, than most musicians you’ll see this year.