Between the arts and the culture and the entertainment and food and drink and the people and the places, there’s just too much going on to keep track of, so here’s a few talking points to start off your week and get your prepped for your back-to-work happy hour.


Really, really bummer news last week as the fierce MPLS + STPL supergroup GRRRL PRTY announced that their spot at Rock the Garden will be their last show. We get that everyone in that group has other projects blowing up, but maybe we’ll just hope for a reunion soon.

What: Boom Island’s Cuvée de Boom

Boom Island Brewing has a pretty special element to their Boom Days Blowout this July 15-17th, a new brew named Cuvée de Boom that’s is oak aged, unhopped, and a hefty 12.5%ABV. Eleganza! plays on Saturday, you’re going to need a sober ride, even if you bike, for sure.

When: Sunday, Father’s Day, Justin Bieber Day

Following up on a suggestion by Reader Anne C. on providing service journalism of Don’t Go There™, you’re going to want to keep your Dad (and yourself) away from the Target Center—The Biebs will be in town.

Where: Fresh Oysters Performance Research

What a great name for a venue, and what a great show to see there with Take It All On, Take It All Back presented by Fire Drill. The show includes performances from Danielle Ross (Portland), Megan Mayer, Holo Lue Choy, and Jordan Rosenow on July 1st and 2nd.

Why (the Hype?): The Ryder Cup

Someone asked us how we were going to cover the upcoming Ryder Cup golf tournament, to which we replied “what?”. Shows where our focus is, apparently. The U.S. vs. Europe meet-up will be taking over Hazeltine golf course in Chaska this year, bringing in hundreds of thousands of golf enthusiasts to MPLS + STPL to watch it. Is your place Air B’n’B ready?