Hey, some of you don’t read us every day, even though you should; here’s what you might have missed from earlier this week.

You’re going to want to order Mike Evangelist‘s new book Downtown: Minneapolis in the 1970s with commentary from Andy Sturdevant. We gave out two Secrets of the City awards for tap room snacks, one for a food truck and one regular, and we got a sneak peek of LPM Apartments, the hot new building that has the Lakes & Legends tap room in it. We’re not on board with the new MST3K kickstarter—the amounts don’t make sense and where’s Kevin Murphy? Surly has been doing some events with goat meat, which we’ve deemed So Hot Right Now™. Local Band to Hear™ Murder Shoes released their album at Icehouse, but for some weird reason (which you know), the opener Daisy Chains placed really high on CP’s Picked to Click. And the biggest news of all: The Soap Factory is closing in December to take stock of their financials and to see if they need to sell their building or not. Crazy.