Where to Vote on Tuesday

Here’s a link to the Secretary of State pollfinder. We don’t yet have voter suppression so it’s very easy to find your voting place and register on site if you haven’t yet, just bring a bill with your address on it! You can also look at a sample ballot so you can figure out who to vote for.

Who Will You Vote For?

Better start figuring that out! We like two different resources. First, MSP Votes has almost too much centralized info on the MPLS + STPL elections, everything from candidates, to endorsements, to donations, and everything else. We also like the Slug of Atmosphere and Brother Ali-supported Pollen Midwest voter guide that’s for MPLS.

New ‘Dockless’ Bike Sharing May Be on the Way

The Nice Ride program has been so successful that the group has started reaching out to vendors to potentially move into an even cheaper sharing program that works without the docks and, even if it isn’t through Nice Ride, it might even happen for next year.    

What’s Up With All The Wild Turkeys

Dear Dara has one of the more interesting reads lately—how did all those damn turkeys move into the neighborhoods? And what do they want? And who are they voting for?