Here’s some stuff we’ve got our eye on for the weekend. We’ll sprinkle previews of different happenings throughout the week so you can get as much lead time as possible. Check the On Our Radar page to see everything for the week in case you miss something.


Speaking of “film”, The Psychotrons and The Parkway with the help of “Maniac Video and Intervision Picture Corp bring you a night of decadent December Christmas horror” the almost-too-crazy-for-us Elves and Silent Night Deadly Night 5. [FB]


Manchita, Kristoff Krane, and Sophia Eris through a huge bash at Modist Brewing, we’ll have tix for you this week. [TIX]


Bauhaus Brew Labs has an appearance from Santa who will show up in the middle of a bunch of 80s jams. [INFO]


It’s only $12 advance for all the Lord of the Rings films in the Riverview’s LotR marathon. [TIX]