We’re actually a little surprised at how bummed we are that Mill City Nights, the AEG run club on 5th in downtown MPLS, will be closing at the end of the year. The Current noticed there’s no 2017 shows and got the scoop that the club will be shuttering. Yeah, Mill City was still known for their disastrous start with that much-maligned Jane’s Addiction show, and everyone who comes to town to take on First Ave directly or indirectly loses. But in the last two years the spot was not a bad room for shows—it has good sound, provided a closer spot for bands passing through than Myth, and even just hosted the F1rst Wrestling Mill City Fights event, which we though would open up more events there. But, alas, it’s a tough location, and the venue never really figured out the right way to do the upstairs/downstairs “Nether Bar” split. C’est la music business.