Ten years ago, before everyone got excited about our “New North” branding and embrace of wintery-fun lifestyles—like us—a bunch of artists trekked out on to a lake and build a bunch of funky, artsy ice house-style shanties and the MN Art Shanties were born. And the fun just gets better and better, year after year. For 2016 the shanties will be open on White Bear Lake, and every weekend in February from 10 AM-4 PM you can go out and check out the tiny themed buildings—The Performance HexaYurt! The throwback Up North spot Catch Your Limit shanty! The space themed AstroLounge! The permaculture-inspired tea garden Botanical ShanTea! The Slumber Party shanty! And dozens more!—and accompanying performances. It’s a can’t miss part of MinneSnowta winter.