See if you can pick which of these tweets from local TV news stations are original and which ridiculous ones we just made up. It’s harder than you think. Answers here.

Thanks to the Brisk family for sitting down with me to share all the difficulties they’ve been through . . . and the hope they still feel.

No big money flame-out stories here . . . the school lunch ladies from Holdingford are a ‘how to’ of winning the lottery.

Woman charged with paying $3.70 for $1,800 worth of electronics in Walmart self-checkout

Love ranch? Hidden Valley offers kegs for the holidays

Bloomington raises tobacco sales age to 21

The iPhone has an autocorrect problem. Here’s how to fix it

Santa’s North Star Express will begin daily runs on Green Line on Thanksgiving

‘Stranger Things’ sweatshirt mania crashes website

Bonfire explosion puts child in HCMC burn unit.