Since all our readers are die hard loyal TV News viewers, we thought we’d test your daily news knowledge with this Pop Quiz. See if you can pick which of these tweets from local TV news stations are original and which ridiculous ones we just made up. Answer(s) here.

Former Prairie Home Companion host Garrison Keillor says MPR fired him for alleged inappropriate behavior.

The Super Bowl experience would change dramatically if the Vikings were to make the big show.

.@dominos has unveiled their new baby registry, including gender reveal pizza. Do you like the idea? Should little bundles of joy and babies go together?

Impatient to see some snow? You may want to try Hawaii.

Two dozen guns confiscated during traffic stop & arrest in Robbinsdale

Vehicle crashes into lights, signs and service station in Lauderdale

It shouldn’t be a surprise for Burnsville drivers to see a crash on35WNB at Cliff Rd anymore. It’s almost daily.

A warning after 68 reports of pet illness related to bone “treats”