We had a weekend pick for the Guthrie’s new installment of their ninth floor initiative, The Trump Card by Mike Daisey, where the acclaimed monologist takes on Trump’s transformation from rich scion to the “self-mythologizing, the short-fingered vulgarian” that we know and hate today. But the amazing-sounding show is pretty much sold out. 🙁 Here’s the BTW: You might remember Daisey from the brouhaha around his Apple and Steve Jobs performance, it was a big deal show that was then used, and then disputed by, This American Life. We’ll call it the Haj effect—we’re not at all surprised that Twincy theater fans quickly scooped up all the tickets to a limited run of a new piece from a national-level performer in the Dowling Studio, the venue is starting to live up to its potential. If you really want to try and see it, there’s going to be a cancellation line that might have a ticket or two.