Every single venue in MPLS + STPL has an arts market going on through the month and we love it. Among the localized pint glasses, art prints, knit pieces, and more, we thought there was a few things missing. Here’s what we’d have at our two foot by one foot table set up at a tap room. 

A Bob Mould Bob Mold—$45

Celebrate the Husker Du guitarist with a cake/ bundt pan that makes desserts in the shape of the face of local legend Bob Mould.

Classic Twincy Bars Pint Glass Set—$35

Want to remember classic bars from MPLS + STPL? We’ve got a trio of pint glasses from The Uptown Bar (says Uptown Bar), Triple Rock (says Summit), and Nye’s Polonaise (small cocktail glass) from the back of our cabinet that have been there long enough that they’re peak local vintage.

Handmade Wrestlepalooza Wrestling Action Figures

Collect ’em all! Arik “The Anarchist” Cannon! Wildcat! That jerk Darin Corbin! For any fan of local action, we’ve taken old wrestling action figures and repainted them to be everyone’s favorite ring stars.

Secrets of the City Custom Beer Blends

Remember when it was a thing for a hot second to mix Surly Furious and Bender to make an off-menu Surly Fender? Well, we’re bringing back that spirit with our own beer blends like the 300 Sweet Children (a mix of Fulton’s Sweet Child of Vine IPA and 300 Mosaic IPA), Kentucky Cowbell (a mix of Urban Growler’s Cowbell Cream Ale and Kentucky Uncommon Ale), Ominous Wind (a mix of Bad Weather’s Windvane Red IPA and Ominous Double Brown Ale) in pint-sized jars with our custom logo stickered to the front.

Pictured: A new pint glass from Adam Turman, who has actually good things for sale at his holiday pop-up.