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Norther beyond the Askov Finlayson exit and further past the infamous Esko Thomson exit is the one that stated them all . . . Duluth, Minnesota! Looking for a midsummer nights dream vacation? Damn straight up 35 for 2 hours and you’ll need to pit stop for some grub. The Duluth Grill is your answer. This place is without a doubt a foodie Mecca. I personally know families that drive 2 hours up and 2 hours back just for their pies. Pro tip: Get the banana cream. Anywho, I ordered the Blue Cheese Burger and it was legit. Bun is brioche, soft and fresh. Butter grilled. The meat is grass feed and v clean but seasoned appropriately. Nice size just under 1/2lb. Juicy and medium be doing. Topped with blue cheese and wadded up nicely. Some is melted and some is chunky and all of it’s creamy. But the big whites were wah de tah!, as Pootie Tang would say. But FR they are goals. Best ever maybe. Also has a little maple bacon jam that works nicely with that award winning blue cheese. Every bite has a flavor bomb going off. There’s a great caramelized onion on it that’s been marinating longer than old jazz hands at Club Saratoga. Now I went with the hash browns and let me tell you my friends were eyeing them up. This place is woke. Entire menu deserves a dance. Now go see the sites! Duluth . . . Gotta love it every time. Paris of the North Shore.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 9.2   Presentation: 8   Originality: 9

Duluth Grill, I-35 & 27th Avenue West, Duluth; duluthgrill.com