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Look up we are in Bloomington! A city besides MSP that actually has buildings. This hunt is so 1997 and we’re up north at the Timber Lodge Steakhouse. Now I’ve been saying for awhile that a good steakhouse almost always delivers a dynamite burger. Have a taste of nostalgia for size. Always hearted hard on T-Lodge. Who didn’t have a good meal there? FR! Place is lit. Now they’ve kicked it up a notch with some gourmet burgers and that’s my cue. The Bacon Cheeseburger is big times running for something! It’s bossy and has it all. They call um Butcher Burgers and this is why –> the meat is locally sourced from a single steer that comes from Blooming Prairie, MN. Top marks for all that. Timby admit-tingly uses their pals Lowry Hills Meats to get their special grind. The flavor is perfy. Flat top cooked with good meat sears on the outer and v juicy insides. Thick and med/light pack. So you do get a few crumbly pieces as you devour. The chew is goals. There’s a heavy salad, LTO & fresh ah! They get it from their own produce farm, which is nice. TBH it’s noticeably nice. There’s a little BBQ sauce that acts as a dressing. The bun is choice! Super fresh from Baker’s Field Flour & Bread in the Food Building in Nordeast. I loved this bun and would eat it just plain. Damn Gina. The burger comes with Neuskie’s Bacon and I shouldn’t need to explain the quality there. Hundo p. It’s smothered with a fab cheddar from Bongards. Lots of local and lots of love. I’m in a cabin folks. It’s pretty nice. Oh Timber Lodge you’ve never disappointed me. And to think how long it’s been. Damn I’ve missed you. Glad we’re back!

Scorecard:   Flavor: 9.2   Presentation: 8   Originality: 10

Timber Lodge Steakhouse, 7989 Southtown Dr, Bloomington; timberlodgesteakhouse.com