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Busy summer months are all the up in your business. This much needed pit stop is before all 18 weddings and 22 graduations. Smashburger time folks. Yeah, this place is legit. It’s your high end fast food burger joint and I’m a card carrying member of the Smash Club. Actually it’s just an app. But there’s mad deals up in there! The BBQ, Bacon, & Cheddar is my steady. Let’s start with the bun, it’s eggy and butter grilled. Pretty good. The meat is never frozen, fresh and obvi smashed down onto the flattop. Burger is served simmering hot yet v juicy. Big, flat and cooked just passed medium. It’s kinda greasy but not offensive. Multi napkin affair. The meat is angus and right on flavor profile. Clean and seasoned simply. It’s topped with some haystack onions that are better than 98% of the onion rings out there. In fact, you can get a side of them and you’d be winning if you do so. There’s a fab town cheddar on dare and it’s to live for. Creamy and dreamy. Gooey and golden. A person oughta do two pieces . . . I’m being extra but whateves. The bacon is really breakfy and applewood smoked. The produce punch is fresh and crisp so get some if you’re into it. Lettuce your ride. Comes with a BBQ sauce but I’m a condo side guy. You control the levels. Love Smashburger every time. Consistent and the shoe string fries are a must.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 8.4   Presentation: 6   Originality: 7

15 locations in the Twincy metro, smashburger.com