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Straight up Central, all the way to Blaine, you might find yourself taking in some soccer or perhaps just a little blue sky . . . There are no big buildings up that way. I mean like none. A wicked cool motel would do well. Anywho, this party is heading to the Ole Piper Inn. Oh, we know you’ve seen the commercials, but you’ve probably never been. The Ollllllllllle burger inn. This time I went with the Patty Melt. This thing is so goals that you probably should sit down while reading. Let’s mo def start with the bread. It’s a Marble Rye that’s all buttery & crunchy. Just heaven. The beef is straight chucky and running around 75 or 80. Marble-be-doing. And Juicy!!! Searsy dude turned my mouth into a puddle. The cheese was flanking. From the topside is a gooey American and from the bottom was this Swiss that certainly didn’t miss. That sneaky Gnome (their mascot) in the corner is definitely watching me. Convinced. Okay, the sautéed onions are minced and add a hefty punch to this succulent sandwich. After halfway you can’t hardly believe what you’ve done. Inhaled and hardly noticed. Now for the second half you got to find your composure and dial yourself in. Enjoy every bite cause they all GOATs. Loved this burger so much. Flooding with flavor. Stop looking at me, gnome! Get a window seat and look upon the trucks of Hazzard County. The Ole Piper Inn is a legend of the North Metro. Always fun and has a damn good breakfy.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 9.3   Presentation: 8   Originality: 7

Ole Piper Inn Bar & Grill, 1416 93rd Lane NE, Blaine; http://www.olepiperinn.com