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Eastbound and down, loaded up and trucking all the way to the town—with absolutely no sign of polar bears! Lucy’s Burgers in White Bear Lake is one of the new faves in town getting some definite love on social. I mean right there on the top of their menu ‘Strongly Advising’ you to cut your Lucy in half before eating. That’s like blasphemy in traditional jucy country. But they are doubling down on the Insta love cause who doesn’t want to see that . . . I ordered the American Lucy, they use Hereford aka British Beef (touché?) and any old farmer will tell you it’s got more marbling than Angus. And it does. Season up v nice and the beef on this ride can rival many in flavor. Cheese is stuffed inside and the pack is pretty dang firm all together. A sliver of a pocket and quite frankly not enough cheese. The more cheesy bites were lit but the less cheesy bites were just above average. I do have to hand to them on the cheese. It’s really good and an almost perfy consistency. Bun is regs and butter grilled. The salad toppings are fresh and can be enjoyed on or off this ride. Now seriously folks good stuffed burgers are hard to come by, but Lucy’s Burgers is doing some fine work and well on their way to burger gold. Also if you’re a beer battered O ring super fan you’ll need to get a batch of those. For beer battered, maybe the best ever.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 8.0   Presentation: 9   Originality: 9

Lucy’s Burgers, 1190 County Road J #700, White Bear Township; lucysburgers.com