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Rolling down central while sipping on juice I noticed a giant sign on a building stating 22 Pool Tables, 22 Burgers, 22 Beers. Hit the brakes and we’re at Jimmy’s Pro Billiards. Now they don’t open till noon and there may or may not be a dog running around inside but if there is, it kinda actually adds to the charm. Anywho, we skipped the tables and went straight for the beef. I went with The Grinder. All Black Angus beef with onion, bacon, and shredded cheese mixed into the burger. Cue the music not the chalk. It’s cooked med well and they should look into that. FR. Cause it was almost juicy enough but needed a notch under. The flavor is dialed and mo def lots going on. It’s topped with lettuce and tomato and 1000 island sauce. Rack um! We just started another game didn’t we. Yes, it’s leaning towards sandwich. So the bun is butter grilled and fresh from the Franklin Street Bakery. Quite soft. Now this place is pretty tight. There’s pinball. Prob don’t need to say anymore after all the 22’s and now pinball. But I will. The fries are choice ah. Hand cut and the owner is proud of them. If you’re lucky he will be your utility player through the entire experience. I wholeheartedly love a good pool hall and this place won’t disappoint. There’s some real sticks in this joint.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 8.2   Presentation: 6   Originality: 9

Jimmy’s Pro Billiards, 4040 Central Ave NE MPLS; facebook.com/Jimmys-Pro-Billiards