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Celebrating our Earth should be done more than once a year! And the same goes for visiting the Good Earth Restaurant in Roseville or Edina. Yes, we’re hunting amongst the leaf nibblers. Only kidding . . . These conscious eaters are to thank for leading the pack on everything fresh and local. I ordered the Good Earth Burger. Now it’s got a full menu of toppings so let’s kick things off with that bun. Sesame and poppi, maybe a nut or two, not butter grilled but fresh. Liked it. Beef is Peterson Farms grass fed and runs a clean flavor profile. The portobello shrums lead the charge for the salad and the carm-y onions are pretty steady. Tomato is fresh and poppin’. The avocado and the rather sweet red pepper aioli smooth things out a bit. But those sunflower sprouts really made me feel proud. I just knew those things were helping me out in some way. The cheese is Gruyere and better believe it’s in my tops. Burger is a bit slippery but super earthy good. I devoured this thing. Loved knowing that everything is natural, organic, and farm to table. Comes with terra root vegetable chips and those are always a fun treat . . . Not quite sure what you’re eating but damn those purple and red ones are lit.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 8.2   Presentation: 9   Originality: 9

Good Earth Cafe, 1901 W Hwy 36, Roseville; goodearthmn.com