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If you’re lucky enough to still have your grandma or grandpa or some wonderful aunt or uncle than you better have taken that oh so special person to this oh so special place. Geese Louise we’re at the 50’s Grill! Dust off your chiffon scarf cause the big balls in cow town with hopes of some grease lightning. I went with the Bacon & Cheddar. It had a big star next to it. And it was deserving folks. This burger was all you could ever hope for and expect from a place like this. I mean they have pink booths here and some wicked cool neons. So the bun is baked in house fresh daily and it’s goals. The bottom even has like a floury cornmeal thing going on. The meat is tradish. Probably 80/20 chuck. But totes Voltage (our new word for greasy good). Travolta. We know he’s weird. Anywho moving along the meat flav is fab. This glistening patty of magic has a nice crispy outer with that winning juicy inner. Medium be doing and most def cooked on a flattop. Now don’t let the dude in the booth with the ducktail haircut show you up with his righteous malt order. Get one with your meal. Not after. Ok back to the burger it’s topped with a semi salty super gooey cheddar. Bacon is all the way Chantilly lace. Yeah it’s pretty. The burger is real good folks. I wouldn’t lie. Especially with grandma. Absolutely love the poodle skirts and saddle shoes the staff are sporting. Big ups to this charming piece of America.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 8.8   Presentation: 7   Originality: 6

50’s Grill, 5524 Brooklyn Blvd, Brooklyn Center; 50sgrill.com