You likely have never met the Soap Factory’s outgoing Artistic Director Ben Heywood, but you’ve definitely been to at least one, if not several, of the Soap Factory’s many fantastic shows. During Heywood’s 13-year tenure, Heywood helped the Soap Factory ascend to one of MPLS + STPL’s—and frankly America’s—best locations for new art. Whens discussing our visual arts community and its growth and accomplishments, it’s undeniable that the old giant warehouse space—that up until a year or two ago didn’t even have heat—played a central role in bridging the very small one room galleries and our giant institutions. Many of our art scene luminaries will pop into the space for happy hour to celebrate Heywood’s accomplishments as he moves on to Seattle. If you’re a fan of our amazing arts scene, you’ll stop in and say your thanks, too.